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OpenExpo Europe

Be part of the development of business through Open Source technologies, innovation and entrepreneurship! Join Zimbra and our Gold Partner Essi Projects at the 6th edition of OpenExpo Europe, the largest Congress and Professional Fair on IT Innovation in Europe!
You want to win a free-pass to the event? All you need to do is to drop an email to [email protected] – See you there!

Location:?La Nave Madrid, Madrid, Spain

Openexpo Europe
20 June, 2019
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MSP Day is a no-miss event for Managed Service Providers (MSP) in Italy! Learn more about the IT MSP business model and how to grow your business.
And learn the benefits of becoming a Zimbra Channel Partner … Click here to join Zimbra & Seacom at their booth!

Location:?Palariccione, Riccione, Italy

21 June, 2019
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Zimbra ACTIV8 APAC Tour

Zimbra APAC Team is heading to your city! Pick a city to meet with the Zimbra team and learn All You Need To Know about Zimbra! The venue, agenda and VIP speakers list are almost set … updates on our website. Save The Date NOW!


July, 2019
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Zimbra Training

Zimbra training courses are offered worldwide in several languages. Visit the Zimbra Training Calendar for upcoming courses in your region.

We are currently offering:

Zimbra Collaboration System Administration (3-day course)
Zimbra Collaboration Troubleshooting End-User Issues (1-day course)

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