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200,000+ businesses in 160+ countries worldwide use Zimbra for email and collaboration. Their satisfaction is our top priority!

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What They’re Saying

The main benefit of the Zimbra solution is lower management costs. We estimate an annual cost reduction between 30-40%.

Francesco Savini
Head of Information Technologies
Tamini Trasformatori S.r.l.

We are seeing more productivity and mobility with our users since migrating to Zimbra, especially with the Zimbra Calendar and Tasks functionalities.

Freddy Levée
Ingénieur Systèmes

What also helped us choose Zimbra over Microsoft Exchange were Zimbra’s multiple licensing editions, which allowed us to choose the edition according to the user profile and in turn reduce cost. All of the editions can be deployed on the same server and are managed from a single unified admin console.

Rajesh Saboo
VP IT Services
Future Group

With Zimbra, our costs have dropped dramatically, from 3.30 euros per mailbox per month to 1.22 euros. This decrease takes into account the costs for licenses, hardware, maintenance and energy consumption.

Stefano Durzu
Network Administrator

We would have spent 60% more if we had continued with Exchange. Moving to Zimbra, we rapidly repaid our investment, and we now have only mailbox licenses and low maintenance fees.

Massimo Mappa
System and Network Administrator

We have been extremely satisfied by Zimbra as we were using the Open Source Edition since 2011 and migrated to the Network Edition early 2017. I strongly recommend this solution.

Aitor Betelu
Administrateur Systémes

Switching to the Zimbra open source platform allowed us to provide 100% of AREU staff members with a personal secure and private mailbox at a competitive cost. This change has led to better company coordination with the extensibility of the email system, together with a stronger feeling of belonging in our wide regional reality.

Piero Brambilla

Zimbra has helped us streamline paths of communication between students and faculty, who can now collaborate from any device, anywhere… We’re seeing more student contact time and an improved student-teacher experience, which is the primary goal for any technology initiative we undertake.

John O’Keefe
Layfayette College

The cost of the Zimbra solution is greatly lower than solutions like Microsoft Exchange, and the functionality is excellent. Plus Zimbra was installed in 2 hours and tested immediately.

Marc Denechere
Directeur Informatique

One thing I love about Zimbra is the fact that it is a Linux-based solution. The usability and administration of the server is, based on my experiences, unbeatable.

Steffen Stolz
IT Manager

We started with Zimbra in 2002, and we have been very happy ever since. Zimbra provides the security and privacy we need, it is simple for our email admins to run and our users are happy. What else could we want?

Hamrouni Hamid
Algerian Space Agency (ASAL)

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