万家彩票北京PK10:All Collaboration Features your Users Need

Zimbra federate several open source projects under one supported and certified application to offer a world-class, open source collaboration software consumable for the enterprise

Zimbra?Connector is fully Integrated in Microsoft Windows

Once Zimbra Connector for Outlook is installed, users can?create a new Mail Profile using the Zimbra Collaboration Server features. Then, they have all the Business Features of?Corporate Email:

  • Synchronization of all Mail Folders, Calendar, Contacts and Tasks
  • Advanced Persona Features
  • Advanced Zimbra Collaboration Synchronization for Out-of-Office, Signatures, Rules, etc.
  • Advanced Sharing features per Folder, Calendar, Contact, etc.

All Zimbra power in a well-known User Interface

Zimbra Connector for Outlook allow users to keep using?Microsoft Outlook: their user experience is the same, but they also have the Enhanced Features of Zimbra. Now they can Collaborate and interact with their Team and Customers in a better way.

Business?Zimbra Features?inside Microsoft Outlook

Zimbra Connector for Outlook has?a dedicated Menu tab inside Microsoft Outlook. Users choose from this menu to perform actions related to Zimbra Collaboration Server.

All of the benefits of using both Zimbra Collaboration and Microsoft Outlook in just one place.

Delegated Mailboxes, easier than ever

Zimbra Connector for Outlook allows users to easily open Delegated Mailboxes. With a few clicks, your users can share and open Delegated Mailboxes. This makes Collaboration much easier for cross-functional Departments and?Users.

Personas, Out-of-Office and Mailbox Quota

Zimbra Personas are alternate email identities that users can create to represent their different job roles. With multiple Personas, users have a From menu to choose from when sending an email, and each persona can have a unique signature. Personas are available through the Zimbra Connector for Outlook.

Creating an out-of-office message on the Zimbra server via the Zimbra Connector for Outlook is simple. This is an option on the Zimbra menu in Outlook, so your users can easily start and stop this function.

Your Zimbra Connector for Outlook users can easily view their?Zimbra Mailbox quota?from the Zimbra menu in Outlook.

Granular?Folder Sharing with?Co-Workers

Zimbra Collaboration brings your Users a new and powerful?Collaboration feature: they can share mail folders with different privileges with?different co-workers.?This Feature is especially useful, for example, when one person?has an email folder containing hundreds or thousands of emails and wants to share this information. Sharing roles can be read-only, read/write and administrator.

Zimbra Connector?Advanced Outlook Calendar & Contacts Features

The Zimbra Connector for Outlook provides your Outlook users with Zimbra’s advanced Calendar and Contacts features. Now these users have multiple options for?sharing their Calendar and Contacts. These can be shared internally with project team members and externally with partners, customers, etc. Calendars can even be shared publicly via a link, and Contacts can be shared publicly via a?standard format that?others can import into Zimbra account.

Some specific examples where these sharing features are especially useful include:

  • A?Manager wants to create a different calendar per employee with different tasks
  • A Director wants to share a calendar with a secretary who manages appointments, etc.
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