>>Sheela Foam Turns to Zimbra’s Advanced Collaboration Platform
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万家彩票是不是骗子:Sheela Foam Turns to Zimbra’s Advanced Collaboration Platform

“We highly recommend Zimbra to businesses who want to reduce costs without compromising on quality.”

Sheela Foam Turns to Zimbra’s Advanced Collaboration Platform

Founded in 1972, Sheela Foam Pvt. Ltd. is India’s largest mattress manufacturer and is ranked among the top five manufacturers of Slabstock P.U. Foam in South East Asia. They have 11 manufacturing units using state-of-the-art technology across India and five manufacturing units in Australia. They serve a wide spectrum of customers through an efficient distribution network of over 100 distributors and?4,500 dealers. Sheela Foam’s products include Sleepwell in India and Joyce in Australia. A combination of manufacturing excellence and a wide distribution network has helped them achieve over 40% share of the Indian P.U. foam market.


Because Sheela Foam operates over a distributed geography and has a widespread network, the communication within the distribution channel had to be really quick for the network to work efficiently. The email solution was an area of concern for Sheela Foam’s IT department. They were using a combination of email systems, including Microsoft Exchange. As the business grew, the number of users increased as well, and Sheela Foam began facing issues related to the burgeoning cost of Microsoft Exchange user licenses. Sheela Foam’s IT team, under the leadership of Pertisth Mankotia, was looking at consolidating the email?systems into a single email system that was fast, efficient, cost-effective, user-friendly and scalable. In addition, they required the email solution to be compatible with a wide range of operating systems.

Zimbra has enabled us to consolidate our hybrid email system into a single email solution. The performance of Zimbra is very good – emails are delivered faster; it supports a wide range of devices, platforms and email types.

Pertisth Mankotia, HEAD IT


The IT team evaluated various email solutions, including Zimbra. They were very impressed with the flexibility, scalability and economy Zimbra offered. Zimbra’s simple licensing (based on mailboxes) offered them additional flexibility, compared to their existing set-up. The Zimbra deployment was done in less than three days during which 1,100 mailboxes were migrated to Zimbra. As Zimbra is available in multiple editions (Starter, Standard and Professional), Sheela Foam was able to offer the Standard edition to non-power users and the Professional edition to power users. This helped Sheela Foam lower licensing cost further and offer mailboxes to their dealers and distributors as well. They also leveraged Zimbra’s collaboration features, such as file sharing, scheduling, instant messaging and mobile web client. The Zimbra team worked very closely with the Sheela Foam team to ensure that the transition was extremely easy. “The team did a great job by providing us with all the support we needed during the transition. The solution has turned out to be a perfect fit for our requirements with the numerous benefits it offers us in comparison to our earlier set-up,” said Pertisth Mankotia.


Messaging and collaboration made easy

The feature-rich, browser-based experience of Zimbra allows users stay connected securely anywhere, to any device or platform. The briefcase feature also allows users to share large files. Zimlets give the ability to integrate third-party applications into the email client, thereby enhancing user productivity and experience.

Simple licensing

Zimbra’s uncomplicated licensing has allowed Sheela Foam to scale up their email system to include more users with the Starter or Professional editions. This helped them to lower the licensing cost by almost a tenth of what they would have otherwise spent on Microsoft Exchange licenses.

Reduced total cost of ownership

Sheela Foam was able to drastically reduce costs on licensing, hardware requirements and in-built features, such as storage tiering (HSM), file sharing (briefcase) and backup tools, which would have cost them additionally had they chosen to go with other competitive solutions, including Microsoft Exchange.

Ease of migration

As Zimbra offers native migration tools, Sheela Foam did not require a third-party tool for migrating their users from Microsoft Exchange to Zimbra.

Zimbra Success Stories




Ghaziabad, India


1,500 +


Zimbra Collaboration


  • Powerful user experience
  • Ease of management
  • Flexible licensing
  • Cost-effective
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